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Thanks for dropping by my new blog!  I’m looking forward to sharing posts about my novel:  Never Forget The Bridge That Crossed You Over, writing journey, hair and body care line: Marie Dean Hair & Body Care, latest hair and body creations, and oodles of hair and skin tips.  I’ll also do awesome giveaways and slip some delicious recipes in occasionally.

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A few tidbits about me:

I am a woman of many talents.  I love writing poetry, short stories, novels and screenplays, and I love crafting yummy hair and body goodies.  I enjoy cooking and baking too—you may find some recipes on my blog.


I made three New Year’s resolutions:

  1.  Create a new Blog:   I created this blog which I will share my writing projects and news about Marie Dean Hair & Body Care.
  2. I need to become more active on Facebook and Twitter:   I knew I would lose my followers and audience if I did not keep them engaged.  I did not want this to happen so I’m frequently posting interesting topics on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Overcome writer’s block and start writing again:   I’ve been writing since I was a teenager—mostly poetry at the time.  I started writing fiction and screenplays in college.  I hadn’t produced any new writing projects since 2003.  I wrote a few chapters from a short story called The Policy while waiting for my novel to be published.  However, I did not finish the short story.  My novel Never Forget The Bridge That Crossed You Over was published in March 2003.  I spent so much unnecessary time marketing the book that I exhausted all of my creative energy.  I’ve been slowly getting back in the writing and editing routine.  I’m gradually getting in the groove of things and working really hard at writing.

 Maker of scrumptious hair and skin goodies…

About seven  years ago I decided that I wanted to wear my hair natural (sans relaxers) because my hair had weakened and become extremely thin overtime.  The only sure way to get my hair back to a “healthy” state was to control what I put in my hair.  I purchased a natural hair and skin recipe book and began researching, experimenting and blending wholesome ingredients to make organic and natural hair products.  Soon, I developed many delicious hair creations that made my hair super strong.  I later put my creative talents to work crafting bath and body products.

I frequently gifted to friends and family any extras I had from my handmade batches of hair and body concoctions.  My network of friends and family especially loved how the whipped hair butters, styling creams and conditioners promoted hair growth, nourished and conditioned their hair.  They also loved the way the body moisturizers softened their skin.  Their encouraging feedback and support inspired me to launch Marie Dean Hair and Body Care in 2010.

I do not use hair and skin formulation bases and add actives.  All of my products are formulated by me and freshly made by hand daily.  My goal is to design premium naturally-focused hair and body products for every hair and skin type.  All of the hair and skin products I create are made with luxurious ingredients such as botanical extracts, exotic butters and highly moisturizing fruit and vegetable oils rich in vitamins and minerals.  These lush ingredients provide excellent conditioning to your hair and skin.  I’m not a chemist by trade but I’ve completed years of research and testing on my products.

So…there you have my life story!  I hope you will share in my passion for writing and love for all things handmade, especially hair care and skincare goodies.

xoxo, Adriene Marie



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